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Take the 2% challenge!

2% of a week is approximately 3 and a half hours.  We are challenging every pro-life person to dedicate at least that much time to anti-abortion advocacy every seven days.  This includes travel and preparation time.

Why 2%?  According to a 2014 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every week the average American adult with children and a job worked between 40 and 45 hours, spent about 59.5 hours sleeping or falling asleep, and 39.62 hours preparing and eating meals, making purchases, caring for children and performing other household tasks.(1)  This leaves just about 24 hours per week for religious services, family time, recreation and any other unforeseen situations that may arise.   While these are certainly just estimates, it is our belief that these statistics are generally true of both Christians and non-Christians.  Anyone whose weekly commitments are similar to these national averages can certainly afford to spend 3.5 hours laboring to end the atrocities carried out against pre-born kids week in and week out.  

Certainly, our long term intent is to motivate the church to far great sacrifices than a mere 3.5 hours weekly.  But we realize that few have the fortitude to make greater commitments, and many others have organized their lives in such a way that anything more demanding is currently impossible.  This being the case, we feel that the 2% challenge is a good place to start.  


1. American Time Use Survey – 2014 Results, Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor

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