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What do we mean by

"Get Serious"?

The Core Lesson Series

We mean that you probably aren't taking abortion seriously.  You probably aren't responding like you ought to.  You probably aren't giving up the things you should.  You probably aren't treating preborn people like people.  Neither is almost any other professing Christian anywhere.  We need to start.  We need to Get Serious.


Pretty harsh, right?  We know.  But the fate of countless lives rides on us and our willingness to finally become morally consistent about the problem of abortion.  We can't afford to be gentle on ourselves anymore.


Revelation 3:2 Project is a radical initiative created by radical anti-abortion activists.  Our audience is every pro-life person who thinks they are already doing their duty.  Since most consider themselves Christians, we named our website  We hope that the arguments you find here convinces you to stop living the way you currently live and start living like you should in light of the fact that killing preborn children is legal.  Please investigate the videos and articles below and consider the claims made.  Contact us to learn more or provide feedback.

Lesson 1

WE aren't really trying to end abortion

If so many are against it, why is abortion still tolerated?  The answer may be surprising.

Lesson 2

how hard should we be fighting?

Abortion is pretty bad.  How hard, really, should each of us be fighting to end it?  How much effort should we be willing to give?

Lesson 3

What you should do right now

Okay, what do we expect people to do, specifically?  What does getting serious about ending abortion look like?

Lesson 4

why we refuse to get serious

Even when we can't think of a logical reason not to get serious, something holds us back.

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