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How to Get Serious

Anti-abortion efforts we urge you to join

Revelation 3:2 Project is an exhortation initiative, not an anti-abortion activism organization.  Once a person gets serious about ending abortion, it will eventually become evident how abortion can best be ended.   Nevertheless, we feel it wise to offer some recommendations.


The efforts listed below are, in our assessment, carrying out the first steps in a strategy designed to bring America to its senses and restore human rights to preborn people.  Some are basically sister efforts of Revelation 3:2 Project and call upon pro-lifers, especially Christian pro-lifers, to Get Serious about ending abortion.  Others speak to the culture at  large, teaching them that abortion is wicked and demanding that it end. 


To be considered for this list, an effort must meet the following criteria:

  1. Its overall focus must be ending the practice of abortion, not saving the lives of individual babies

  2. It must seek the participation of large numbers of volunteers

  3. It must call upon its volunteers to make regular, serious sacrifices


If you know of another effort, local or national, that matches these criteria, please put us in contact with them so we can consider adding them to this list.




Tiny Heartbeat Ministries

Washington state

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform             

Based in Los Angeles, CA with chapters nationwide


Created Equal                                            

Based in Columbus, Ohio with nationwide outreaches


Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust 

Based in Los Angeles, CA with nationwide outreaches


Justice for All                                             



Anti-Choice Project                                 

Based in Bremerton, WA with chapters nationwide


Abolish Human Abortion                      

Societies nationwide


Protest Child Killing                               

Albuquerque, NM

Missionaries to the Preborn

Milwaukee, WI and statewide


Toronto Against Abortion                     

Toronto, ON

Show the Truth, Canada

Ottawa, ON


Project Truth                                             

Los Angeles, CA


Protect Life Michigan                    



DC Area Anti-abortion Advocacy        

Washington, DC

Way of Life - Michigan Project


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