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Resources to help you Get Serious

Ever since abortion became legal in the United States, anti-abortion people have been producing media designed to help serious members of the movement contribute to ending abortion faster.  We've compiled a list of what we consider the most valuable resources here and urge you to feast your mind on the truths you'll find therein. 

Demand More!


New for 2020, this full page piece of literature helps pro-lifers see the vital link between the definitive changes we want to see in public policy and the personal changes we all must accept to make those public changes a reality. 

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Closed:  99 Ways to Stop Abortion

Joseph Schiedler

If only we had listened!  Way back in 1985 Joseph M. Schiedler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League and "the grandfather of the pro-life movement" created this war manual on ending abortion.  Years of experience make Schiedler an authority on stopping abortion, but how many people have bothered to pick up the book and put his tactics into practice?  

Closed  99 Ways to Stop Abortion_edited.jpg

The Church's Response to Abortion


This piece of literature walks the reader through the basic arguments calling for greater anti-abortion commitments from the average Christian.  It is available for download for free.

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Shattering the Darkness

Joseph Lapsley Foreman

In this little known but immensely powerful book, Joseph Lapsley Foreman, leader in the Rescue Movement and and co-founder of Missionaries to the Preborn bares his heart about the most critical moment in the American pro-life movement: how it arose, how it throve and how it withered in the wake of persecution.  

Foreman's words both ache with sorrow as he describes the failure of the American church to take up its cross in defense of little children, and course with expectant joy as he pleads with that church to become the Body of Christ it is meant to be, a prospect he fully expects to see yet.

Inevitably, the Rescue Movement will return.  Ending abortion cannot bypass it.  The day is fast approaching when we will have to learn the lessons we should have learned back then.  With God's grace, maybe this time we will be ready.

Shattering the darkness_edited.jpg

Abolishing Abortion

Frank Pavone

The founder of Priests for Life makes many important points in this new book that tackles some of the thornier issues plaguing the pro-life movement today, and provides instruction on how to overcome them.  Of particular interest are the chapters dedicated to showing that churches need not fear losing tax exempt status through rigorous anti-abortion advocacy (though of course, even if it was risky, that shouldn't stop them). 

Abolishing Abortion.jpg

In His Steps

Charles M. Sheldon

What would it really look like if a Christian congregation actually started doing what Jesus would do?  The answer pastor Charles M. Sheldon gives is enough to shake each of us right down to our innermost souls.  Hard decisions reap great victories.  There is a lot we can learn from this 100 year old book, the phenomenal story that launched the What Would Jesus Do craze of the 1990s. 

In His Steps.png

The Physician's Crusade Against Abortion

Frederick N. Dyer

Abortion is not new to America.  Far more common in the 19th Century than we today would ever imagine, its abolition was championed by America's first pro-life heroes.  This book is remarkably instructive and helps shatter many of the energy-sucking illusions we hold about stoping injustice.

Physician's Crusade.jpg

Third Time Around

George Grant

Again, abortion is not new.  In this amazingly compact little book, George Grant chronicles the 2 historical anti-abortion movements of history: the early Christians against the child-killing culture of ancient Rome and the physicians of America againast the new abortionists of this nation's 19th Century.  Please read this book to gain encouragement as we take up the battle against abortion in our age.  May we raise our heads and beat down the monster this 3rd time around as well.  

Third Time Around is available to read online for free at this link!

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