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A word about statements by anti-abortion leaders used by Revelation 3:2 Project

Throughout this website you will see numerous quotations by anti-abortion leaders, often used to elucidate some point or emphaize some principle.  Their appearance here should not be taken as an endorsement of the Revelation 3:2 Project.  Indeed, though many anti-abortion leaders may sympathize with the values we are attempting to instill in the pro-life and Chrisitan population, no high profile leader has yet publically endorsed the project.  Due to the deliberately controversial nature of the views expressed here, we fully expect the response from established anti-abortion leaders to be slow in forthcoming, and perhaps even adverse.  We are not going to bother seeking endorsements and will allow the message to speak for itself.  


So long as no one is quoted out of context, we do not feel there is any moral conflict in using the words of a man to prove a point, even if the man in question does not affirm the overall argument in which his words play a role. 


It is our hope that, in the near future, anti-abortion people will unite under the values expressed by the Revelation 3:2 Project and fearlessly speak the whole truth about abortion and the moral duty each person has to end it.  

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