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On the Anniversary of Lexington and Concord, a Call for Christian Magistrates to Defy Tyrants.

Updated: Apr 19

A message to the Christian Police Officers of America by Jonathan Darnel

The scriptures say:

"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children,

brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whoever

does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple ... So likewise,

whoever of you does not forsake all that he has, cannot be my disciple.”

Couple this with the Virginia Police Officers Oath (or that of your own state.)

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge all the duties incumbent upon me as ...................., according to the best of my ability (so help me God)."

The texts above should be familiar to you. To be a Christian and a police officer means to be honor bound to keep these promises, regardless of the consequences to oneself or one’s personal safety and one’s career.

I have deliberately placed the first above the second to emphasize, where there is conflict, the first must take precedence. I write to remind you that you must fear God; not man. I write to alert you that there is at least one grave area in which all of you have failed to keep both oaths. I write to challenge you to repent of your errors and alter your behavior. For 50 years our nation has engaged in a savage war against her own posterity. The practice of human abortion has destroyed the lives at at least 60 million innocent children - likely more.

It is, without question, the most evil thing we have done in the 240 years of our Independence. All Christians recognize that abortion is sin and breaks God’s law. Only a few recognize that it breaks man’s law as well.

The US Constitution (which you have sworn to uphold) is the highest law of the land. Any other statute, be it federal state or local, is void and unworthy of enforcement. This same document, The US Constitution, prohibits abortion, as it does all forms of murder. The 5th amendment, expressly states, no person shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property…”

The 14th amendment goes just as far, stating “nor shall any State deprive any person of life,.”

Since unborn human beings are persons, these statutes dictate that they may not be murdered and are to be afforded the same protection given any other person.

A Christian who knowingly fails to prevent abortion, when he or she has the power to do so,

disobeys his master. A police officer who fails to prevent abortion, when he has the power to do so, violates his oath, and is not worthy of his office.

Yet, for all 50 years, during which, America has tolerated human abortion, its biggest enablers have always been the church and the police. The first, thru her inaction, the second through active protection of the abortion industry. Abortionists cannot ply their trade without the compliance of Law Enforcement officers like yourselves. It is police who drive prolife protestors at the behest of wealthy property owners. It is police (including the FBI) who act as the enforcement arm of the IRS, thus making tax strikes by God-honoring citizens untenable.

It is police who fail to arrest abortionists for their continuing acts of murder.

And it is police who prevent courageous anti-abortion rescuers from interposing between innocent children and the villains who seek to end their lives.

Since 1973, there have been only 2 incidents where a LEO defied their superiors and refused to arrest rescuers at abortion clinics. The 1st was in 1989, in Las Vegas when Officer Chet Gallagher actually joined the rescuers as they sat in front of clinic doors. The 2nd took place in 2020 when an unnamed officer refused to arrest a Catholic Priest who was counseling women to choose life inside a Washington, DC clinic.

Besides these 2 exceptions, America’s Christian police have walked in lockstep with their secular counterparts and the unrighteous men who command them. Many Christians healthcare professionals have successfully defied the attempts of their employers to force them to perform abortions. Thousands of Christian business owners came together to defeat the Obamacare Mandate to force them to pay for abortion-causing drugs. Yet rare indeed is the cop who so much as declines to participate in the arrest of peaceful anti-abortion rescuers.

Footage from the 1960’s of officers, some of them undoubtedly Christian, arresting peaceful civilians. The United States has not seen much civil disobedience against abortion since the FACE Act

Sadly, this is not the first time that Christian police have cooperated in the enforcement of wicked policies. Rights marchers in the American South, and sometimes brutalizing them, are seared in the minds of the memory of every American (who is over 40), and should serve as a warning to all of us, that obeying your bosses' orders is not always the right thing to do, even if your boss happens to be the chief of police. It is ironic that while gentle nurses have found the courage to defy authority and avoid cooperation with evil, men who routinely put their physical safety at risk, have so much trouble doing the same. But in the past 6 years, there has been a small resurgence in the number of anti-abortion people willing to do so, and God willing, more will join them in time.

Christian police must make a choice: Do you stand with the baby killers or with the baby defenders, with those who have ignored the constitution or those who follow it, with those who mock Christ’s Lordship or those who obey Him? I call upon Christian LEOs to refuse participation in the arrest of anti-abortion rescuers and the harassment of anti-abortion protestors on sidewalks and university campuses. Mind you, I do not think your duty lies in merely avoiding cooperation with immoral police actions, just as the duty of Christians at large involves interposition at abortion clinics, and other acts that sacrifice time, money, freedom and safety, so you, as a man or a woman, sworn to maintain both loyalty to Christ and the Constitution, should seek to put anyone who threatens to kill an unborn baby behind bars, where they can do no harm. But I realize that it is hard for a person to go from 0 to 100 at once, and I am not ignorant of the fact that there is not yet enough support in the criminal justice system to effect such arrests (of abortionists) and make them stick. Opting out of unjust policing however, is a far less radical demand that would, nevertheless, help anti-abortion citizens save children and send a strong message to the nation.

It would, in all likelihood, not cost you your job. Altogether, we are asking far less of you than is required of the rescuers who risk arrest, imprisonment, and the loss of the careers.

There are several Christian police fellowships in the United states. These fellowships should immediately adopt an official position of non-compliance with any so-called law defending the abortion industry, and foster communication and unity among officers who commit to such position. Christian legal societies should stand ready to defend those whose bravery subjects them to censure or unjust professional discipline.

The legitimacy of the abortion industry is a moral and legal fiction that has a produced an ocean of blood. It must be condemned in both word and action! Ending abortion will require many courageous acts by many people in many different positions in society. But if we hesitate until others make it safe for us, no one will ever take action. The wheels of government are slowly turning in our favor, at least in some states. Anti-abortion rescuers are taking great personal risk to demonstrate for babies whom all others have abandoned. You must do your duty, and it begins by keeping your oaths. Before I finish, a few objections must be addressed.

Objection 1: Many will argue that obedience to those in authority is a Christian duty. This is

true. But the demonic doctrine that Christians must always obey human authority even when this means disobedience to God’s commands cannot be accepted. The religious figures that preach such non-sense thereby providing justification for sin, should be denounced. Their claims rely on the twisting of Scripture outside it’s context, and the elevation of certain passages over and above the clear teaching of the Bible as a whole, in addition to contradicting conscience. Besides, law enforcement officers in America take oaths to uphold the law, not their superior’s interpretation of the law. And as we’ve already explained the US Constitution prohibits murder and insists that all people receive the protection of the law.

Objection 2: Officers may say, “When I put on the uniform I become the slave of the state. That is false. If it were true, you should never put the uniform on again. But in reality a person does not cease to be a Christian, simply because they take a special oath to enforce human laws. You cannot serve two masters. Your job is an out-working of your loyalty to Christ. It must never compel you to disobey Him.

Objection 3: Officers may say, “If don’t arrest the anti-abortion activists/rescuers, someone else will.” This is not necessarily true. It depends on the availability of police. But, even if it is true, opting out sends an important message to your department, your superiors, your community, your church and your nation. It affirms the dignity of pre-born children, sets an example for other officers to emulate, causes society to reconsider its tolerance of abortion and inspires the church to reconsider her apathy. Furthermore, during a rescue, every minute of delay allows rescuers to continue counseling and/or interposing on behalf of the children. This saves lives.

Objection 4: Many conservatives may say, “Police have a very difficult job, they deserve your

respect, not your criticism.” But this assumes that you cannot both respect a person and criticize his or her shortcomings, which is false. Furthermore, this response is often simply a reaction to the unfair demonization of police that has become common amongst progressives in recent years. NO class of men or women is entirely good or entirely bad, and we do not owe public servants our “carte blanche” approval simply because those on the other side of the political spectrum condemn them too easily. The willingness of America’s LEO to protect the abortion industry is a far greater crime than anything the left has ever accused them of, and we cannot let it slide any longer.


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