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End abortion without the church?

Recently Mark Crutcher, founder of Life Dynamics and creator of a whole variety of well known pro-life books, films and internet resources, commented on the lack of Christian response on abortion, highlighted by the recent Alabama Senate race that sent a solid pro-abortionist to Washington to represent one of the most "pro-life" states in the union. To Crutcher, this demonstrates that the mass of Christian America will never step up and start opposing abortion like they ought to. Indeed, the pro-life movement had better just forget about them and focus on ending abortion without Christian help.

We clearly don't agree. Certainly, God can bring about the end of abortion without the help of humans, Christian or otherwise. And it's not as if the church has a solid track record of zealous opposition to injustice (slavery, anyone?). Still, we're convinced that God prefers to work through the church, and has given us the Holy Spirit to make that possible.

A strategy for ending abortion that doesn't involve the church (save for a special few) seems to deny the power of God to work in the hearts of the redeemed. Revelation 3:2 Project exists because we believe that a person indwelt by the Holy Spirit has the capacity to mirror the behavior of His Lord, and that the most likely way to bring about national repentance is to first bring about repentance in the hearts of Christians.

Do you agree? Then lets make it happen! Start sharing the work of Revelation 3:2 Project and like-minded efforts with your Christian community. Get out there and petition the church to get serious about ending child killing! Don't let them go one more day without coming to terms with the holocaust that is taking place in their midst! Tell them to "wake up, and strengthen the things that remain and are about to die, I have not found your deeds complete in the sight of my God!"

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