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Why I'm Not Going to the March for Life

This post originally appeared as an email from the author


Dear [recipient],

I’m mad… and utterly heartbroken.

I’m mad that next Monday marks 45 years of the legalized murder of unborn children, with no end in sight...

... 45 years of God’s innocent babies being pulled from their mothers’ wombs, dismembered limb-from-limb, and shipped out for “research” by the abortion industry...

... and 45 years of pro-lifers marching in Washington, while this terrible injustice continues unabated.

You see, Jonathan, as sickened as I am by abortion, I am nearly as sickened by the ineffectiveness of the pro-life movement’s supposed “efforts” to combat it. So this year, I won’t be at the March for Life...... because I refuse to settle for anything short of complete victory.

I refuse to settle for symbolic acts when there are innocent children to be saved.

And if you’re like me, and you’re ready to go beyond marching and actually take action for life, I hope you’ll let me know by making a much-needed gift to support Operation Rescue’s ongoing work right now.

You see, to be honest, I won’t be at the March for Life tomorrow because I just can’t bear the thought of flying to

Washington to celebrate the pro-life movement while thousands more innocent children are killed by abortion.

I can’t bear the thought of hobnobbing with pro-life leaders in Washington while a baby in Kansas, or California, or Nebraska is murdered on some table in an abortion clinic.

I’m sickened by the thought of attending a banquet while an innocent young woman is lured to her death by a negligent abortionist who cares nothing for her health or the health of her unborn child.

And, more than anything, I am fed up with a pro-life movement whose sole function has become electing Republicans, rather than fighting to save every life we possibly can.

I fight every day of my life to expose the abortion industry and shut down dangerous practitioners and abortion clinics because I care about the baby who’s about to die TODAY.

I won’t be at the March for Life because my time is best spent focusing on the grassroots here in the heartland, working with my researchers to find the next clinic we want to shut down, and ensuring that the abortion laws already on the books are being enforced.

Just this month we obtained court documents that accuse late-term abortionist Cesare F. Santangelo of negligence in the previously unknown death of an abortion patient. THAT is what I spend my time on. Uncovering the TRUTH, EXPOSING the monsters in the abortion industry, and SHUTTING down clinics and abortion practitioners.

I’m not at the March today not because I don’t care about unborn babies, but because I care so much that I can’t peel myself away from my work.

While many pro-life groups spend this weekend marching, dining, and socializing, Operation Rescue will be exposing abortion clinics and saving lives.

But we can’t do it without your help. To support our work at Operation Rescue and help me shut down abortion clinics and save lives today, please help with your most generous gift of $25, $38, $50, or more. Without you and my team, I couldn’t do any of this work. Thank you for being such a blessing to unborn babies.

Thank you, and God bless!

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