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Does God hate our songs?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

This September a group of about 10 people, many from area "abolitionist" societies, gathered in Nashville, TN to challenge the believers attending Sing! 2018, a massive conference on Christian worship. The goal was to convince attendees that directing more zeal towards music than ending abortion was sinful.

Conversations were intense. Please WATCH some of this footage from the Sing! project and ask yourself who is right: the mass of professing Christians who treat abortion as less important than music? Or this tiny group of activists who believe that God hates the songs of those who neglect to love their weakest neighbor?

Aside from an unfortunate tendency to paint as evil EVERYTHING the pro-life movement has done to change US abortion policy, we believe the abolitionists are right. We cannot expect God to hear our songs above the screams of the millions of preborn children who perished on our watch. Get serious, church.

Preaching to the crowds as they enter

Debating young men eager to justify their apathy

Pleading with a Christian physician who feels offended at the images of murdered kids

More street preaching

More street conversations

More street conversations

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